I am Guillaume Agis, French Java/android developer, currently living in London.

Open minded and interested in lot of domains such as healthcare, innovation, high-tech or science, I am always open to new adventures and experiments.

Always running everywhere, I like giving 200% of myself and helping where I can or convert my ideas into reality.

Created my own company during my master degrees I learnt a lot about start-up, responsibilities, team working and entrepreneurship.

I really like this feeling of adrenaline, when I face to the unknown, I don’t fear and face it in bringing solutions. I like challenges and I like helping people and their problems.


I will always do the best to bring my team to the top, and try to make the difference.

I’m also helping while42, a French engineer worldwide alumni network to grow as well as managing the London chapter.

While42 is a French Tech Engineers Network present in 40+ different cities and over 2000 members worldwide !


If you have any suggestions, looking for help on a project, advices  or more feel free to contact, I will see what I can do ! :)

You contact  me here : 11a483a8e134b9a79a06fafaf55ae706  :)



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