While42 London came back the Wednesday 18th of March for one more great meet-up in InMobi‘ s office !




Presentation of InMobi by Vincent Fevrier


What were the talks about ?

  1. Man in the middle on games
  2. Lesson on Haskell in less than 1e6ms
  3. Game monetization with InMobi.



 Haskell in less than 1e6 ms

 The meet-up was divided in 4 parts : 3 talks and networking. All the talks were really interesting and all of them totally heterogeneous :  from the monetisation in games to learn how to get more donuts on “The Simpsons” video games trough an easy and fast man in the middle in python.


This meet-up was really important and a springboard for us. The number of While42 members present at this meet-up was 100% more this time and  the most important thing : all members find their interests in While42 ! This is the growth of While42 in London and all the next events will be promising : Great talks, greats speakers with great people.

A great thanks to InMobi for everything and help us to make this kind of event possible, it was awesome ! :)


What is While42 ? 


While42 is a French Tech Engineers Network present in 35+ different cities and over 2000 members worldwide !

All around the globe french tech engineers are recognised for their skills, but they suffer from a lack of real alumni associations. So we are building one : Here is while42 !

Each chapter represents a city and his members and has one or more managing directors.

London chapter,created few months ago, is already composed of 40 members and is constantly growing !

All while42 members are French and tech engineers (developers, ops, devops, sys-admin, CEO, CTO …).


Even if we are over connected, we don’t really know each other. Our main objective is social networking, we encourage as much as possible “IRL” meetings.

We speak about frameworks, development tools, applications, management or even entrepreneurship.

After the talks, we meet, debate, discuss and grow our network around a couple of free drinks, generally offered by the company hosting the event.


16698676389_a723fcfb94_k Debate on Haskell and … Fifa

Want to know more about the next event or join while42 London?

Rules haven’t changed, if you are French and are an engineer (or were an engineer) then you are welcome to join the London chapter by reaching Guillaume Agis or Julien Stuyck on linkedin or twitter (@GuillaumeAgis, @While42London ).





More about while42




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